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Pressure sensor applications

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  Pressure sensors are mainly used in: pressurized cylinders, superchargers, gas-liquid pressurized cylinders, gas-liquid superchargers, presses, compressors, air-conditioning refrigeration equipment and other fields.
  1, applied to the hydraulic system
  The pressure sensor is mainly used in the hydraulic system to complete closed loop control of force. When the control spool is suddenly moved, spike pressures that are several times the system operating pressure can be generated in a very short time. In typical walking machinery and industrial hydraulics, any pressure sensor can be quickly destroyed if it is not designed to take into account such extreme conditions. Need to use the impact of the pressure sensor, pressure sensor to achieve two main methods of shock resistance, one is to change the strain chip, the other is an external coil, the first method is generally used in the hydraulic system, mainly because Easy to install. Another reason is that the pressure sensor is also subject to uninterrupted pressure pulsation from the hydraulic pump.
  2. Applied to safety control system
  Pressure sensors are often used in safety control systems. The main area of focus is the air compressor's own safety management system. There are many sensor applications in the field of safety control. As a very common sensor, pressure sensors are not surprisingly used in safety control systems.
  The application in the field of safety control is generally considered from the aspect of performance. Considering from the consideration of price and the convenience of practical operation, it is proved that the effect of selecting a pressure sensor is very good. Pressure sensors use mechanical processing techniques to mount components and signal conditioners on a small chip. Therefore, the small size is also one of its advantages. In addition, the cheap price is also another great advantage. To a certain extent it can improve the accuracy of system testing. In the safety control system, the pressure from the compressor is controlled to a certain extent by installing a pressure sensor in the piping of the air outlet. This is a certain protection measure and a very effective control system. When the compressor is normally started, if the pressure value does not reach the upper limit, the controller will open the air intake through the adjustment to make the device reach the maximum power.
  3 applied to injection mold
  Pressure sensors play an important role in injection molds. The pressure sensor can be installed in the injection molding machine nozzle, hot runner system, cold runner system and mold cavity, it can measure the injection molding machine, mold filling, pressure and cooling process from the injection molding machine nozzle to Plastic pressure somewhere between the mold cavities.
  4. Apply to monitor mine pressure
  Sensor technology is one of the key technologies for mine pressure monitoring. On the one hand, we should correctly apply existing sensors to serve the mining industry; on the other hand, as sensor manufacturers, we must develop and develop new pressure sensors to suit more mining applications. There are many kinds of pressure sensors, and based on the special circumstances of mine pressure monitoring, mining pressure sensors mainly include: vibrating wire pressure sensors, semiconductor piezoresistive pressure sensors, metal strain gauge pressure sensors, differential transformer pressure sensors. These sensors have a wide range of applications in the mineral industry. Which sensors are used depends on the specific mining environment.
  5. Apply to promote sleep
  Pressure sensor itself can not promote sleep, we just put the pressure sensor on the ground floor of the mattress, because the pressure sensor has high sensitivity, when people turn over, heartbeat and breathing and other related actions, the sensor will analyze this series of information to infer sleep What kind of state is the person sleeping in, and then through the analysis of the sensor, collecting the signal of the sensor to get the sleep data such as heartbeat and breathing rhythm, and finally composing all the data processing into a piece of track, of course, can compress your one night's sleep into one The first few minutes of music.
  6. Used in compressors, air conditioning cold equipment
  Pressure sensors are commonly used in air presses and air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. These sensors are compact, easy to install, and typically have a special valve pin design for the pressure port.

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