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Company Profile

  Sentech Automation Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is committed to providing automated process automation instruments, controllers and valves and other products, focusing on improving and providing chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy and brewing, life sciences, energy, water and sewage Deal with process benefits in other areas. Provides temperature, pressure, level, flow, analytical measurement and control products.

  Sentech Automation Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specializes in providing customers with automatic control instruments, valves, and pump solutions. It has long-term cooperation with European, American, and international brands from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Anderson-Negele sanitary instruments, HORIB traffic. Controllers, SIERRA mass flow meters, Schanke sensors, Beamex calibrators, RUBBER FAB sanitary hoses and gaskets, ARI valves and other first-line brands. After many years of accumulation, it has won numerous well-known domestic customers and has been serving a wide range of industries including dairy products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, brewing, life sciences and water treatment.

  We have been firmly convinced that "professionals are first embodied in saving time costs for customers". We are also convinced that professional services of internationally renowned branded products and dual customers will help users establish and maintain their industry-leading position.

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